The Responsibilities of Study Participants

May 30 , 2020

When conducting clinical trials, not only do the researchers and sponsors have ethical responsibilities, but the participants do as well. A study can only run smoothly if there is proper compliance on both ends. Here are some of the ways …


Changes in Clinical Trials During COVID-19

May 25 , 2020

During the COVID pandemic, there has been a large impact on the clinical trials industry. Due to stay-at-home orders and social distancing, it becomes increasingly difficult to conduct clinical trials at the hundreds of thousands of study sites around the …


Clinical Research Center of the Carolinas Celebrates “Clinical Trials Day” on May 20

May 20 , 2020

The Clinical Research Center of the Carolinas (CRCC) is participating in Clinical Trials Day on May 20 to celebrate and recognize the importance of medical research. Founded by Dr. Todd Schlesinger and located in Charleston, S.C., CRCC has conducted vital …