Plaque Psoriasis- Topical Cream Study

About Plaque Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by raised, red oval plaques on the skin with silvery scales. Lesions are typically painful or itchy and can be associated with a high degree of morbidity. Plaques on visible skin have a particular impact on physical, sexual, psychosocial, and even economic status; associated with reduced levels of employment and income. Psoriasis is more than a superficial disease, with 30% of patients having joint involvement, and a high correlation between psoriasis and obesity, diabetes, depression, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular risk.

About the Study

This is an 8-week long study that will assess the safety and efficacy of a topical cream used to treat plaque psoriasis.

Am I Eligible?

  • Must be 2-17 years of age
  • Diagnosed for a minimum of 6 months
  • 10 palm prints of psoriasis area on body (can you cover 10 areas of your body with your palm of affected area)¬†

What Should I Expect?

  • 7 office visits over a 14 week period.

Other Information 

  • Compensation may be available for time/travel
  • Excludes scalp, palms, and soles for study treatment¬†